Male forced milking

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Male milking or prostate massage is a term used to describe the stimulation by of the male prostate gland in males for sexual or medical reasons. This is done mostly by massaging the ‘p-spot’ as it is known a reference to the male ‘G-spot’. This stimulation results in the stimulation of this gland leading to orgasms where fluid contained in it is ejaculated. This fluid is otherwise known as sperm or ‘cum’ has a pale whitish color hence it’s likening to normal milk. The process of stimulation resembles the act of milking livestock explaining its use in this regard.

For medical reasons prostate massage is given to men as part of a procedure known as digital rectal exam. This exam is administered to assess the secretions for bacteria responsible for prostate cancer. Milking has also been used together with antibiotics as treatment for chronic bacteria prostatitis with inconclusive results. For the acute condition of this disease however massage is not used as it may spread the disease to the rest of the body. This may also result in hemorrhaging and spreading of infection in the body.

Male milking is also used in the collection of seed for in vitro-fertilisation for people who cannot reproduce through sexual intercourse. This seed/sperm is placed under storage and preserved for use even at later dates.

Prostate massage is however mostly used in to achieve sexual pleasure. In layman’s terms this act is called masturbation which is less easy on the ears. In this case males can do stimulate themselves or have their partners do it to them by sucking with the mouth (oral sex) or by simply rubbing against each other.
Ingenuity however has played a role in making this indulgence more prolific. There are nowadays a myriad of equipment and sex toys which are being used to perform the milking to the satisfaction of those involved. The skill with which such toys are made is so great as to match the actual vagina which should be the natural organ to facilitate orgasms.

Masturbation has reached such heights in modern society as being done in public where events such as masturbate-a-thons are held mostly as charity events to create awareness for safe sex. Unbeknownst to many may have been made the official ‘masturbation month’ by positive sex activists and organizations.

For those with a fetish for ‘milking the mouse’ this practice continues to offer sexual satisfaction as a complement of experimentation in the bedroom. Spouses have been known to engage in it together as a new level of bonding experience.

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